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The Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp is to be known, as the place where all challenged individuals will receive an enriching and rewarding camping experience. 



In 1981 the Camp opened its doors, and for the first time, accessible camping became a reality in Newfoundland & Labrador.  This was the culmination of several years of effort by many dedicated individuals and groups.   Our Camp became a place where anyone could go regardless of their abilities.   A place where corridors were as wide as rooms, and walkways throughout the site made it possible to move freely outside.


The majority of groups in the early years were small, but they soon grew in number to the point that bed capacity of the Camp would be inadequate to meet the needs of such a diverse clientele.   As the years passed, the demands and needs of the user groups changed.  The Camp had to strive to change as well as to meet these new challenges.  There have been many changes over the years.


Today we have a modern camping facility, which has been the recipient of the “Facility of Excellence Award” from the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association.  There is still ongoing change to continue to meet the new challenges that lie ahead.  These challenges cannot be met without the support of all the development partners that have contributed in the past especially the Lions Family of Newfoundland and Labrador.


(Excerpt from the Official Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Sunday, September 6, 1981) 


Fellow Lions, how often have we heard that question, "Who is Lion Max Simms"?


Lion Max Simms was the first District Governor of 41S in 1957-58 and again in 1963-64. He was a very active member of his home club, the Corner Brook Lions Club. Lion Max was the Council Chairman and was the last International Councillor appointed by Lions International. He met and chatted with the founder of Lionism, Melvin Jones, and often made the comment that his association with Lionism was greatly enriched as a result of the meeting with our founder.


He also served as Director of the Canadian Association of Lions Clubs. His home club made him an Honorary Life Member of the club in 1972.


Lion Max didn’t miss many D.G.O. Meetings, or any other kind of meeting. Even after he lost both his legs, his fellow Lions of Corner Brook would see to it that P.D.G. Max (if he was well enough) was in his place at the meeting.


Yes, fellow Lions, even with both his legs gone, Lion Max would start the singing of "I Got That Lions Feeling All Over Me". There wouldn’t be many dry eyes in a meeting by the time the song was finished.


Lion P.D.G. Max Simms passed away on October 20, 1977.

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